Out of Time

By Mark
Episode Title: Out of Time

Duration: 49 minutes and 41 seconds

Written by: Catherine Tregenna

Directed by: Alice Troughton

Transmission Date: 17th December 2006

Ratings: 1.03 million

Synopsis: When a plane from 1953 makes an unexpected landing in present-day Cardiff, its three passengers are shocked to learn that they can never go back to their own time. Torchwood helps them to settle in contemporary society, but this simple task has painful emotional consequences.

Cast List: Captain Jack Harkness - John Barrowman
Gwen Cooper - Eve Myles
Owen Harper - Burn Gorman
Toshiko Sato - Naoko Mori
Ianto Jones - Gareth David-Lloyd
Rhys Williams - Kai Owen
Diane Holmes - Louise Delamere
John Ellis - Mark Lewis Jones
Emma-Louise Cowell - Olivia Hallinan
Alan Ellis - Sam Beezely
Nurse (Out of Time - Marion Fenner
Alesha - Janine Carrington
Jade - Rhea Bailey
Flying Insructor - Andrew McBean
Barman - Ciaron Dowd